Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Peace and Silence of Sipatahunan Lake Indonesia

Indonesia has so many lakes. Many of the lakes are created from ancient volcanoes. Danau means Lake in Indonesian. In local west Java, according to sundanese, Situ means Danau. Situ Sipatahunan is one of the closest lake to Bandung. The lake is very peaceful and silent since it is not too many people visit. The peace of the lake and the great scenery of Baleendah mountain will stun you.

Sipatahunan lake scenery

Unlike any other tourism spots in Bandung Regency, such as Cileunca lake or Patengan lake, there is no direction signs to the potential Sipatahunan lake. Even with the development of times, everything has been made easy, including access to a place, still, a direction to a location is really needed. Moreover, it will be a guide tool for a person who does not know how to use the technology, it will also improve the technology with many problems.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Pear Sampire South Africa at Glance

Discount on Pear Sampire from South Africa at Lulu Hypermarket forced me to try the fruit. It is only 4.45 SAR/Kg or 1.19 USD persuaded my to take 1 kilo of them.
It tasted not like a pear since there is no sourness. The  fruit skin fruit is not yellowish. It has some bitter sweet like Guava.
I Like the taste but the fruit is so small that four bites are enough to finish the whole fruit.